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Remaking the Readymade

An approach I term remaking the ready-made is a regular concern within my art practice. Rather than choosing to use the original ready-made object, the choice to remake enables the removal of any unproductive associations or symbolic qualities the ready-made equivalents may have and allows for the addition of others through formal and material transformative decisions and through juxtaposition. It relies on the very specific set of cultural references and symbolic qualities imbued in the original object; the ready-made associations rather than the ready-made object (in the Duchampian sense).

This work directly engages the topic as its subject matter and highlights three different ways of remaking an object. The hand-painted, cast, plaster monkey nuts are the closest to exact replicas and thus, in themselves, are the most fake. The materiality of the black rubber lemon becomes the essential component in the transformation from the original; a response to the everyday that is somehow materially shifted. The alabaster rock transforms into an art object, without any material shift, through its position displayed in the gallery and with the intent of the artist.

Remaking the Readymade I

Marble, alabaster, pvc, steel, plaster, paint, rubber, white melamin mdf
69cm (w) x 15cm (h) x 10cm (d)

Photo: Joe Madeira; Courtesy of The Art Cabin gallery

People Today Buy With Their Eyes

1. People Today Buy With Their Eyes: Making Life Taste Better
2. People Today Buy With Their Eyes: Discover a World of Taste

MDF, paint, electrics, rosa aurora marble, white marble, plasticine, polystyrene, bio resin, digital print, foil tray, aluminium
191cm (h) x 55cm (w) x 45cm (d)

Photographs: Dominic Tschudin