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This is Not Just Any Food

A series of six light boxes holding photographs of tempting plates of food that include meat sculpted in stone and plasticine. These consider the falsity of advertising and how our understanding of objects become skewed by imaged representation; the meal you prepare at home never quite as good as the picture on the Marks and Spencers ad. I worked with a chef who created a menu specifically for my sculpted meat and we lived this process of falsification together by using the same preparation tricks as a food photographer to make often raw and inedible food look enticing and desirable.

Part of an investigation considering consumer urges and the manipulations employed by the food industry.


This Is Not Just Any Food
Duratran transparencies
in bespoke aluminium light boxes
45cm (w) x 30cm (h) x 5cm (d)

Saturday Worship

Integrating the specific acoustics and distinct echo of Worcester Cathedral’s ‘whispering room’ into the composition, Saturday Worship is a site-specific, multi-channel sound sculpture, non-linear in its construction, that reflects on the human desires that draw people together to worship and the uncanny similarity to the intense feelings and emotions experienced at religious places of worship and every match-day, around the country, at these second ‘cathedrals’.

Considering the over-arching themes of euphoria, religion and the power of tribe and sparking both calmness and unease, peace and disruption, the work draws on the particularities of the physical space and histories of the Chapter House with wider social experience.

Inspired by the ritualistic singing of Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd by West Bromwich Albion football fans after they score, this sound installation composes moments recorded at a premier league football match interlaced with the Worcester Cathedral boys choir, re-interpreted for this specific site and context. It juxtaposes the intense passion and beauty of choral voice in worship with the overwhelming mass euphoria and fervour of thousands of football fans themselves breaking into religious song at the scoring of a goal.

Mixed across multiple channels and speaker locations around the room, the audio creates an immersive experience that pushes and pulls the audience around the space; an activation of the physical space re-sculpted through sound.

In collaboration with composer Rob Allen and with special thanks to West Bromwich Albion Football Club and Worcester Cathedral Boys Choir.


Saturday Worship (11 minute multi-channel audio loop)
The Chapter House, Worcester Cathedral
Photographs: Dominic Tschudin